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Thursday, May 15, 2008
Motorola V265 - Style sophisticates

As we know, this phone is Camera and the voice of all, but a bad Asia is just that not all games. But if you're like me the phone companies and phone functions absoulutly everywhere. I've never had a bad reception, and I've never been extinguished. I also believe it does not have the equipment, and shopping easy and it does not take long to sign anything. The connections are important. You can save a large number of photos.

Style sophisticates and feature fiends - prepare to meet your mobile match with the Motorola V265. Delivering urban chic in a timeless flip phone design and a lengthy list of "must-have" features, the model V265 impresses consumers with its smart combination of style and substance. With an easy-to-use integrated camera, advanced downloading capabilities via BREW technology and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), the Motorola V265 makes it easy to shoot, send and download while on the go. And what's more - your practical side will be shocked at the affordable price.

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Monday, May 21, 2007
Sprint Adds M300

Haha very funny design but still cool for kids right? Ok last week Sprint had announced a new entry-level handset from Samsung. The M300 is a sleek clamshell with Bluetooth and a VGA camera. It features dual color screens and will be available in grey or red. Oh no man! I want Pink Colour haha for my girlfriend :)

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Sunday, May 20, 2007
New Successor To RAZR
Motorola had announced the next successor to its RAZR platform ( RAZR2). RAZR2 is thinner than the original RAZR :) That is good news to the motorola fan as I'M doing now ( very happy). It features 2 brighter QVGA screens - 2.2" inside and a large 2" display outside. The external display can used to control many functions with the phone closed using the smart keys as well as external music controls that now offer vibration feedback. The RAZR2 features a 2 Megapixel camera, and Bluetooth. Updated. It will launch this summer as the V8 for GSM/EDGE networks, the V9 for HSDPA and V9m for EV-DO.

  • V8: features quad-band GSM/EDGE, Motorola's new Linux/Java platform including new user-friendly features and a full HTML browser. Includes 2 GB of built in memory but no card slot. It is 12mm thick.
  • V9: thicker than the other two models but adds noise cancellation technology, a microSD slot and video sharing. However it uses Motorola's older "Synergy" platform. It is expected in late summer with quad-band GSM and HSDPA 850/1900 for the US.
  • V9m: another 12mm thick model with EV-DO and media playback keys that are visible at all times (the others stay hidden until needed). Will run carrier branded interfaces and is expected at the end of summer.
Source: phonescoop.com


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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Samsung Aims for Higher End of Cheap Phone Market
HELSINKI (Reuters)—Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. will be very selective in choosing new markets for its mobile phones and will not take on handset leader Nokia in the cheapest models, Samsung Chief Executive Yun Jong-yong said in an interview published on Sunday.

"Nokia is very strong as a maker of cheap phones. We cannot compete against it in those (models). That's why we are very choosy," Yun told Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat.

He said the South Korean group, the world's third-largest maker of mobile handsets, only chose markets and customer segments where it believed it could succeed.

Focusing on cheap phones would not fit its brand image, but with 60-70 percent of future mobile handset sales forecast to be in developing markets, Samsung could not ignore them, he said.

"We aim in these countries for high low-end products," he told the paper, referring to "luxury versions" of cheap phones.

Finnish-based Nokia and Motorola of the United States benefit from economies of scale by making large quantities of each model, Yun said, but Samsung had the advantage of making its own screens and memories, so did not lose profits to subcontractors, he said.

Samsung reported on Friday that it sold 34.8 million mobile phones in the first quarter, helped by stronger sales of lower-end models in China and other new markets. Its mobile phone margins rose to 13 percent from a revised 7 percent in the fourth quarter, though average selling prices fell by 8 percent.


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